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Jan 23 '11


Jan 14 '11

instead of shutting up about the zodiac signs changing



can you all shut up about zodiac signs forever


(Source: seriousjones)

Jan 14 '11
"This restaurant has caipirinhas on the drink menu, but won’t make them without passionfruit purée. Shouldn’t they know how to make a regular caipirinha first?"
White People
Jan 14 '11
"First of all, I woke up thinking today was Saturday.. Sadly finding out it was Friday I realized that I have no plans for the day. Leaving me stuck at home again another day doing absolutely nothing. Yay..
Then, I realized I was hungry taking that it was lunch time but, all we had to eat was ramen and spighetti O’s which gets old really fast.
OMG AND THEN, I took a shower and found an empty conditioner bottle.
I hope today gets better"
White People
Jan 14 '11
Dec 30 '10

Lately I feel this aversion to my swimming pool

Dec 29 '10

My favorite skirt is ripping at the seam!

Oct 24 '10

This McDonald’s coffee tastes like the generic brand of Folger’s! I NEED A LATTE STAT.

Sep 13 '10

My best friends watched the True Blood season finale without me!

Aug 9 '10

I was just typing ‘ooh fun’ into my iPhone and it auto corrected to ‘pooh gun’ — wpp